Sunday, 24 April 2011

Notebook Repair

If you have a problem with your notebook then please contact us, we can help you with any problem you may come across.

We deal with all make and models and are happy to give you a free quote with any problems you may have with your notebook computer.
  • Notebook DC Jack repair and replacement
  • Notebook GPU replacement
  • Notebook Onboard electrical component repair
  • Notebook LCD back light and inverter Replacement
  • Notebook LCD screen replacement
  • Notebook Password removal and reset
  • Notebook USB port and otherport replacement
  • Notebook Touchpad replacment
  • Notebook Motherboard replacement
  • Notebook Keyboard replacement
  • Notebook Virus and Spyware removal
  • Notebook Parts and accessories fitted
  • Notebook Wireless network setup
For all other notebook repair and upgrades, please use our free quote form.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Business Services

West End PC Repair offers a wide range of business services and support to help you get the best out of your IT equipment in your business.

With our expertise we can advise you on the most suitable hardware and software for your IT systems, and via our contacts within the IT sector, we can equip you with the highest quality hardware and software on the market at competitive prices.

We can also provide more in-depth consultancy services, helping you make the most of technology to cut costs and improve your efficiency.
  • On site consultancy
  • On site support and advice
  • Remote access support
  • Hardware and software support
  • System crashed and bsod help
  • Server setup, configuration, repair
  • Office network setup, configuration, repair
  • Data backup, recovery and advice
  • Network security and setup
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Virus and spyware removal
The offer a complete health check for business computer or laptop which can potentially avoid Viruses, Spyware and Hard Disk failure.

We can also implement a data backup system so that if the worst ever happens, you would be in good hands.

Laptop Repair

If you have a problem with your laptop then please contact us, we can help you with any problem you may come across.

We deal with all make and models and are happy to give you a free quote with any problems you may have with your laptop computer.

* Laptop DC Jack repair and replacement
* Laptop GPU replacement
* Laptop Onboard electrical component repair
* Laptop LCD back light and inverter replacement
* Laptop LCD screen replacement
* Laptop Password removal and reset
* Laptop USB port and otherport replacement
* Laptop Touchpad replacment
* Laptop Motherboard replacement
* Laptop Keyboard replacement
* Laptop Virus and Spyware removal
* Laptop Parts and accessories fitted
* Laptop Wireless network setup

For all other laptop repair and upgrades, please use our free quote form.

Friday, 8 April 2011


More and more people are requiring access to their digital media from one centralised location, e.g. you may wish to play your MP3s through your Hi-Fi or stream any videos you have downloaded to your TV.

There are a variety of multimedia options available today including: Use your existing PC as a server and stream the content to a specialised box via a wired/wireless network. You could have a dedicated computer as a central media centre in the living area for playing MP3s, DVDs and listening to internet radio etc.

We can offer the following.
  •   Home entertainment equipment advice and setup
  •   Freesat and digital TV advice and setup
  •   Configure multiple computer monitors
  •   Connect computer to home entertainment equipment
  •   Console and computer gaming advice and setup
  •   Mobile phone wireless internet advice and setup
  •   Convert movies and music to digital format
  •   Digital photography and editing
  •   Video editing and DVD creation
  •   Audio editing and CD creation
  •   Media backup and conversion
We can advise on what you might need to meet your needs.

Computer Repair Glasgow Multimedia

Friday, 25 March 2011

Remote Support in Glasgow

If you need a quick fix to problem, West End PC Repair provides remote support services. These services allow you to save time and money.

Please note this services requires that you have an working internet connection.

Remote support can be used for anything from installing software, help sending emails, changing settings, help setting up email accounts and lots lots more.

West End PC Repair will give you a link to download a small file which will allow us to remote connect to your computer. Once you give us permisision to connect, we can then control your mouse and keyboard from our workshop. Once we disconnect the program will uninstall from your computer.

We can offer this service by paypal payment (no need to register with paypal if you are not already registered).

Hardware problems are complex issues and can not be solved by remote computer support so we will come to your location for such problems (Glasgow Only).

Rates for remote technical support start at £20 per hour. When we connect to your computer we will estimate the duration it will take, and you can decide whether you want to go through with it or not, if you decide not to, we will not charge anything. If you do decide you will then be asked to make payment before the work has started. Most problems will be fixed within an hour.

We will provide you a link to install a safe program to begin remote assistance when you contact us.

Please note that remote support is only available on appointment by telephone or email.

Remote Support in Glasgow 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Computer Service Glasgow

Periodical health checks, cleaning and servicing should be a vital element of your computer's working life. It may help avoid costly computer repairs or data loss by detecting failing components.

Depending on your circumstances and computer usage, servicing is recommended on a 6 to 12 monthly basis. Our Computer Service will do this and more.
  1.   Improve efficiency and performance
  2.   Get computer running cleanly and quietly
  3.   Cleaning of the computer casing inside and out
  4.   Hardware diagnostics of major components
  5.   Software updates checked and applied
  6.   Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors
  7.   Full scan for viruses, trojans and spyware
  8.   Disk cleanup to remove temporary files
  9.   Disk defragmenting for improving performance
  10.   Removing startup applications that slow the computer
  11.   Repair computer registry issues and errors
We will also advise you on any updates you might need to make to improve your computers performance.

Computer Service Glasgow

Wireless networking in Glasgow

West End PC Repair can help with wireless networking, networking maintenance, network repair, network support, wireless network setup and wireless security.

As broadband is becoming more and more popular so is wireless internet technology. People at home are finding the benefit from accessing the internet over a networked connection sharing printers, files, music and media without the need to run cables or being tied to one place.

If you have purchased a network router or have been given one from you internet provider you may need some help setting it up. We can offer the following.

1. Setting up your internet and email
2. Setting up and securing your WiFi*
3. Troubleshooting internet connection problems
4. Adding new computers to your internet connection
5. Parental control software to protect your children
6. Setup of router equipment and computers
7. Wireless broadband setup and security
8. Wireless setting up of WII, XBOX, Playstation
9. Troubleshooting wired/wireless networking issues

We can also offer to provide you with a Wireless Router and connect your computers to your network. We will also secure your wireless network using the best wireless security on offer.

We have a special offer on at the moment for the setup of a Wireless Network using ADSL.

*Many existing wireless setups in the home and even some businesses are unprotected against unauthorised use of the internet connection and intrusion into the wireless on the network. It is also worth while to note that some wifi can be hacked in to in less time it took to read this page! We can advise on how to secure your wireless and wired network.

Wireless networking in Glasgow