Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wireless networking in Glasgow

West End PC Repair can help with wireless networking, networking maintenance, network repair, network support, wireless network setup and wireless security.

As broadband is becoming more and more popular so is wireless internet technology. People at home are finding the benefit from accessing the internet over a networked connection sharing printers, files, music and media without the need to run cables or being tied to one place.

If you have purchased a network router or have been given one from you internet provider you may need some help setting it up. We can offer the following.

1. Setting up your internet and email
2. Setting up and securing your WiFi*
3. Troubleshooting internet connection problems
4. Adding new computers to your internet connection
5. Parental control software to protect your children
6. Setup of router equipment and computers
7. Wireless broadband setup and security
8. Wireless setting up of WII, XBOX, Playstation
9. Troubleshooting wired/wireless networking issues

We can also offer to provide you with a Wireless Router and connect your computers to your network. We will also secure your wireless network using the best wireless security on offer.

We have a special offer on at the moment for the setup of a Wireless Network using ADSL.

*Many existing wireless setups in the home and even some businesses are unprotected against unauthorised use of the internet connection and intrusion into the wireless on the network. It is also worth while to note that some wifi can be hacked in to in less time it took to read this page! We can advise on how to secure your wireless and wired network.

Wireless networking in Glasgow  

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