Friday, 25 March 2011

Remote Support in Glasgow

If you need a quick fix to problem, West End PC Repair provides remote support services. These services allow you to save time and money.

Please note this services requires that you have an working internet connection.

Remote support can be used for anything from installing software, help sending emails, changing settings, help setting up email accounts and lots lots more.

West End PC Repair will give you a link to download a small file which will allow us to remote connect to your computer. Once you give us permisision to connect, we can then control your mouse and keyboard from our workshop. Once we disconnect the program will uninstall from your computer.

We can offer this service by paypal payment (no need to register with paypal if you are not already registered).

Hardware problems are complex issues and can not be solved by remote computer support so we will come to your location for such problems (Glasgow Only).

Rates for remote technical support start at £20 per hour. When we connect to your computer we will estimate the duration it will take, and you can decide whether you want to go through with it or not, if you decide not to, we will not charge anything. If you do decide you will then be asked to make payment before the work has started. Most problems will be fixed within an hour.

We will provide you a link to install a safe program to begin remote assistance when you contact us.

Please note that remote support is only available on appointment by telephone or email.

Remote Support in Glasgow 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Computer Service Glasgow

Periodical health checks, cleaning and servicing should be a vital element of your computer's working life. It may help avoid costly computer repairs or data loss by detecting failing components.

Depending on your circumstances and computer usage, servicing is recommended on a 6 to 12 monthly basis. Our Computer Service will do this and more.
  1.   Improve efficiency and performance
  2.   Get computer running cleanly and quietly
  3.   Cleaning of the computer casing inside and out
  4.   Hardware diagnostics of major components
  5.   Software updates checked and applied
  6.   Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors
  7.   Full scan for viruses, trojans and spyware
  8.   Disk cleanup to remove temporary files
  9.   Disk defragmenting for improving performance
  10.   Removing startup applications that slow the computer
  11.   Repair computer registry issues and errors
We will also advise you on any updates you might need to make to improve your computers performance.

Computer Service Glasgow

Wireless networking in Glasgow

West End PC Repair can help with wireless networking, networking maintenance, network repair, network support, wireless network setup and wireless security.

As broadband is becoming more and more popular so is wireless internet technology. People at home are finding the benefit from accessing the internet over a networked connection sharing printers, files, music and media without the need to run cables or being tied to one place.

If you have purchased a network router or have been given one from you internet provider you may need some help setting it up. We can offer the following.

1. Setting up your internet and email
2. Setting up and securing your WiFi*
3. Troubleshooting internet connection problems
4. Adding new computers to your internet connection
5. Parental control software to protect your children
6. Setup of router equipment and computers
7. Wireless broadband setup and security
8. Wireless setting up of WII, XBOX, Playstation
9. Troubleshooting wired/wireless networking issues

We can also offer to provide you with a Wireless Router and connect your computers to your network. We will also secure your wireless network using the best wireless security on offer.

We have a special offer on at the moment for the setup of a Wireless Network using ADSL.

*Many existing wireless setups in the home and even some businesses are unprotected against unauthorised use of the internet connection and intrusion into the wireless on the network. It is also worth while to note that some wifi can be hacked in to in less time it took to read this page! We can advise on how to secure your wireless and wired network.

Wireless networking in Glasgow  

Computer Repair In Glasgow

Founded in 2010, West End PC Repair has many years of experience in the Computer Repair sector, and provides computer repair services to clients throughout the West and North of Glasgow. With our based in the West End of Glasgow we aim to get clients back online in a timely manner.With a fully fitted workshop and expert staff, our service is designed to be cost effective to your needs.

With just three full time staff members, West End PC Repair has a professional team, trained to CompTIA and Microsoft standards. We hold certifications in CompTIA Software + Hardware + and Network+.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is the sign of a competent networking professional. It is an international, vendor-neutral certification that proves a technicians competency in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing and configuring basic network infrastructure.

The CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for computer support technicians. The international, vendor-neutral certification proves competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. CompTIA A+ certified technicians also have excellent customer service and communication skills to work with clients.

Software + Hardware + Network +

Our Prices are very competive and if we can not fix it we will not charge you!
Our Services

* Computer Repairs
* Virus Removal
* Computer Service
* Networking
* Data Recovery
* Multimedia
* Remote Support
* System Recovery
* Linux
* Web Design
* No Fix No Fee

Open: Monday - Sunday
Time: 10.00am - 8.00pm
Tel: 07521881145
Email Us: Please Click Here

We offer a out of normal hours service. Please Contact Us.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Linux Operating System

Linux is an Open Source (that means its free) computer operating system designed primarily for the PC but also available for a wide range of other systems. Linux will install in about 99% of computers and be up and running straight away internet ready with Firefox!

If you have problem after problem with your Windows operating system getting viruses and malware/popups etc etc you do not have to worry with Linux!.

Linux would also be a good upgrade if you do not have an operating system, have windows98 or even an old slow computer!

Ubuntu Linux

For a £35 fee you can get Ubuntu Linux (very user friendly linux) on your computer! That includes call out fee, setting it all up etc etc ! £35 means linux on your computer for £35 with no hidden costs.

Drop us a email and we will get back to you. Please click on the images to see the linux desktop enviroment

Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Ubuntu Linux 10.10

Have a look at the Live USB Version made and branded by West End PC Repair!

Ubuntu Live USB

You can try out Ubuntu on a live usb without installing and it affecting your current operating system! Ubuntu linux operating system will run in about 99% of computers straight away and be internet ready. Ubuntu linux boots from USB which most modern computers support but please check with us just to make sure.

The benefit from using Ubuntu Live USB is that it will boot you a working easy to use live operating system. This could help you if you are having problems with your computer and need to get work done or get online.
  1.   Supports up 99% of wireless cards and mobile broadband (3G)
  2.   Ubuntu Linux 10.10 is fast and could boot in 7 secs!
  3.   Try Ubuntu without changing or affecting windows
  4.   Ubuntu will run on about 99% of computers new and old
  5.   Ubuntu Linux comes with OpenOffice, Firefox and more
  6.   Ubuntu is an extremely secure open source operating system
  7.   Ubuntu desktop quickly connects to Facebook and Twitter
  8.   Free from getting viruses and malware
  9.   Add free extra applications via Ubuntu Software Center
There are so many reasons to use Linux today, it's hard to keep track of them all. Security is one, of course, but there are also many other reasons Ubuntu, in particular, has become such a good business choice - far better than Mac OS X or Windows.

We can supply and set up a live ubuntu usb for £25 which should only take about 5 minutes to get up and running.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Rogue Antivirus | System Tool 2011

System Tool 2011 is a rogue anti-virus product that we are seeing more and more of every day here at West End PC Repair. System Tool 2011 pretends to find malicious code on your computer in order to frighten you into purchasing a worthless application.

If you are unlucky to have this malware on you computer then do not threat as we here at West End PC Repair can remove it for a special fixed fee!

Important Do not make any payments to remove System Tool 2011 by useing your credit card as it will not be removed no matter what you pay!. In fact it may even make things worse and you will give your credit card details over to  fraudsters who will use it to buy goods in your name!.

As mentioned we do a special fixed fee for this work which includes a full Computer Check Up.

System Tool 2011 Warning | Interface | Payment Screens (click to enlarge)

System Tool 2011 System Tool 2011 System Tool 2011

We are not like other companys that will just remove the malicious software for a cheaper price but leave your computer a mess! We will disk scan the full computer and optimise the settings removing all traces of virus code. It is better to do it this way, if it is not done our way then the malware can come back all for the simple reason that it was not removed correctly!

At West End PC Repair it is in our interest to do a good job as we guarantee our work unlike others and as a precaution we do things right because we do not have the time to mess about with things later.

Our special fee is £45 for all rouge antivirus removal so give us a call and we will advise on the best solution.

Local Computer Repair In Glasgow

West End PC Repair offer professional local computer repair for all your computer problems.

We cover everything from home users to businesses in the area of computer repairs, laptop repairs and netbook repairs. We specialise and have in depth experience working with computers running Apple Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

We are based in the Westend of Glasgow and can offer a fast callout service for your computing needs.

Nothing is as irritating as losing a service that you have come to rely on which maybe an important part of your business or personal life.
We understand that customers demand a fast service for computer repairs and we deliver, just check out our reviews!.

Computer Repair Services

  • Repair your computer and update software
  • Upgrade software and hardware for computers and laptops
  • Set up a home network wired or wireless
  • Remove virus infections
  • Install computer protection
  • Recover lost data
  • Installation of multimedia equipment
  • Remote support to repair and update your computer
  • Webdesign for personal and small business use
Our computer repair service covers the west and north of Glasgow. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

*Special Offer - Half Price Linux Installation* (Live USB Version)

*Special Offer - Rogue Antivirus Removal (System Tool)*