Friday, 8 April 2011


More and more people are requiring access to their digital media from one centralised location, e.g. you may wish to play your MP3s through your Hi-Fi or stream any videos you have downloaded to your TV.

There are a variety of multimedia options available today including: Use your existing PC as a server and stream the content to a specialised box via a wired/wireless network. You could have a dedicated computer as a central media centre in the living area for playing MP3s, DVDs and listening to internet radio etc.

We can offer the following.
  •   Home entertainment equipment advice and setup
  •   Freesat and digital TV advice and setup
  •   Configure multiple computer monitors
  •   Connect computer to home entertainment equipment
  •   Console and computer gaming advice and setup
  •   Mobile phone wireless internet advice and setup
  •   Convert movies and music to digital format
  •   Digital photography and editing
  •   Video editing and DVD creation
  •   Audio editing and CD creation
  •   Media backup and conversion
We can advise on what you might need to meet your needs.

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